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The CyberKongz features gorilla like characters and each one is uniquely designed in a 2D or 3D 34X34 pixel image. Originally, 1000 NFTs were minted and 10 of these Genesis NFTs yield $BANANA tokens giving them a lot of value. A CyberKongz character can also be used to give birth to a Baby Kongz. CyberKongz can be used as avatars inside the Sandbox game as the result of a partnership.  Various CyberKongz include images of gorilla apes.

The CyberKongz NFTs have been created by an anonymous artist who goes by the pseudonym Myoo. The CyberKongz NFT collection has generated a cult following with many sales running into huge amounts. The CyberKongz NFTs are deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and can be purchased on OpenSea platform. 

Background of CyberKongz

CyberKongz NFTs are an exclusive limited collection of 1000 NFTs featuring a 34X34 frame size pixel image of apes or gorilla characters. The various NFTs are different from each other based on accessories primarily including sunglasses, beanie cap, tie, gold chains, piercing etc. Various characters include astronauts, scuba diver, pilot, knight, and skeleton etc. 

The original CyberKongz NFTs were sold for 0.01 ETH but the sales have increased manifold since then. Holding the Genesis version (original 10 CyberKongz) entitles users to receive $BANANA tokens, at the rate of 10 tokens per day. The CyberKongz are therefore one of the few NFT projects to provide a passive source of income for its users. This will be applicable for the next ten years. BANANA tokens can also be used to mint new CyberKongz baby versions from the original ones and can also be sued to change name, biography, or purchase customized equipment or other wearables. 

There are three versions of CyberKongz currently available: Genesis CyberKongz that are the original version, Baby Kongz that can be minted by using an original Genesis CyberKongz and spending BANANA tokens. The third is the CyberKongz VX version that can be used as avatars inside the Sadbox game. CyberKongz #10 is used as the mascot of the project. 

60% of the sale proceeds are donated to Cool Earth and Orangutan Outreach for the protection of endangered wildlife. 

The CyberKongz team has provided many benefits for the users such as the Banana shop where users can buy merchandise for their NFTs. A cool partnership with Sandboz has also been arranged to use avatars of CyberKongz inside the game. Neo Kongz city, a metaverse has also been arranged by the team. Another 24X24 rel estate island called Kongz island was alo recently purchased. In the future, owning one or more CyberKongz will grant users access to CyberKongz Guilds, bridging the gap between Axie Infinity, Guild of Guardians and Embersword. 


The CyberKongz NFTs run on the Ethereum blockchain. A total of 1000 CyberKongz NFTs were minted originally.

Rarity of CyberKongz

Purchasing a CyberKongz NFT is an investment in itself as the 10 legendary CyberKongz can yield 10 BANANA tokens per day. They can also be used as avatars for games. 

CyberKongz have been used as Twitter profile pics since they look unique and really cool. They have become a style statement of sorts and are flaunted by many investors. As a long-term holder, these NFTs can also be looked upon as an investment. Early holders have resulted in huge gains for them already. 

The CyberKongz collection has sufficient rarity built-in that also helps in pushing the value of these NFTs. Rarity in NFT defines the uniqueness of features and how frequently they exist in a collection. For example, legendary versions feature in exactly 10 of the CyberKongz NFTs making it an important rare feature. The CyberKongz NFTs possessing this trait thus become extremely valuable. The rarity can be checked on online freely available NFT rarity tools such as Rarity Sniper. You can also check the rarity of a particular CyberKongz NFT by clicking on the properties tab. Anything less than 1% is considered very rare and will command a huge premium on its price. 

Rare CyberKongz mech

Source: Rarity Sniper

For example, #101 features a Mech character with the legendary trait,  a rare trait and if we check the rarity on Rarity sniper as shown in the image above, it will list legendary trait attribute as 0.03%. 

Let us discuss the top five most famous and expensive CyberKongz collection NFTs sold till date. 

CyberKongz #434: This particular NFT has accumulated sales of $324,431.11 to date and has been sold four times already. It features a CyberKongz character with a brown tie, single tooth and square sunglasses. The highest bid currently is at $100,000.

One of the most sold CyberKongz

Source: Twitter

CyberKongz #4245: This CyberKongz baby NFT was recently sold for $19923.37. This particular NFT features a CyberKongz baby character with bucktooth up. It is a rare attribute making it a valuable NFT. 

CyberKongz bucktooth baby

Source: Twitter

CyberKongz #4996: This NFT features a CyberKongz character in the form of an ape with closed eyes, wearing a green bandana and green bib. It was sold for $18,506.45. 

CyberKongz green bandana ape

Source: Twitter

CyberKongz VX #2814: This is the metaverse version avatar of the CyberKongz NFT series. It features a CyberKongz character wearing a flower chain, nerd sunglasses, and a propeller hat. It was sold for 1.9 ETH recently.

CyberKongz nerd character wearing glasses

Source: Twitter

CyberKongz #1600: This NFT features a Baby CyberKongz character with a mole. It sold for 7 TH recently. 

CyberKongz baby

Source: Twitter


The CyberKongz NFT collection can be viewed on OpenSea or on its company’s site CyberKongz.

The CyberKongz NFTs have become a cult item and have generated a lot of interest from investors. Some of the NFTs have sold for record prices and much of the value is because of the community behind this project and also because of the passive income it provides. Besides, the team is very active and has expanded the use case of these characters to the metaverse by partnering with gaming ecosystems. 

The endorsement from various brands has also helped in hyping the CyberKongz NFTs. 

The accessories in the form of sunglasses, beanie cap, tie, gold chains, piercing, etc. also provide sufficient rarity. The basic value of every NFT is in its rarity of which the CyberKongz collection has in plenty. 


  • Has collectible value. 
  • Passive income from Genesis CyberKongz in the form of $BANANA tokens.
  • Can be used as avatars inside games.


  • Generated through computer code. No artistic value. 
  • Low celebrity adoption.

Is CyberKongz scam?

The CyberKongz NFT collection does not seem to be a scam. However, it is important to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) as NFTs are a risky investment and their value derives from multiple attributes such as community backing, celebrity involvement, and future roadmaps. You should also factor in the rarity aspect before purchasing an NFT. 

You can look at the CyberKongz NFTs as an investment asset since they are sold for high prices and it goes to show that it is not an obvious rug pull but there are no guarantees in the NFT universe, so you should research carefully before deciding to invest in a collection. The team is rapidly expanding the CyberKongz ecosystem with many partnerships and the ability to earn passive income makes them a great investment opportunity. 

Where to buy?

The CyberKongz NFTs can be bought on OpenSea. For a comprehensive AltCoin Reviews guide that explains all you need to know on how to go about purchasing NFTs on the platform, please click here

Who Owns Collection CyberKongz?

Arnold Poernomo, a celebrity chef owns some of the CyberKongz versions and has been an active promoter of this NFT series. 

Author’s Bio: Puskar Pande has worked for over a decade as a writer and editorial consultant for various cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. He has written many educational pieces on cryptocurrency topics. 

Cyber Kongz
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Investing in crypto coins is always a risk! Proceed with extreme Caution!

*Reviews, articles and content on website are NOT financial advices!
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