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There are three new hot NFT drops in early September!


FightClub is an NFTcollection of 280 hand-crafted spiked baseball bats with IRL counterparts. The set is created by Matt Gondek. The baseball bats in the NFTs are very real

Each NFT in the collection has a fixed price of €1,500.

The first drop for the token is on Thursday, September 8 and minting will be available to a special allow list for a single purchase. One purchase can be made by a single list member. After the initial 24-hour window, the collection will be available to the general public. Allow list members will also be able to purchase multiples of the bats at this time. After this all the buyers in the drop will have their purchases revealed.

After this on the 12th of September, there is an 18-day Trade and Swap Window. After every bat is revealed, individuals are encouraged to trade, swap, and sell NFTs to land with their favorite pieces from the collection. Note that, for the safety of our sellers, all credit card purchases are followed by a requisite 72-hour holding period, during which time holders cannot sell or transfer the NFT in question.

During 26th and 30th of September is burn week.

More information on the NFT at Makersplace

Fight Club bats by Matt Gondek

Asteroid Fields

Another interesting NFT drop is Asteroid Fields Forever by Monfa. The drop is on September 7th and includes five exclusive animated pieces. Monfa is clearly going towards a space-themed NFT with this one and its very interesting. “A sense of mystery and wonder pervades his body of work, whether it be peopled or un-. An astronaut fishing off a cliff. A floating lamppost. A humanoid 808 drum machine. A world-touring cardboard box named Henry.”


WeAbove is an NFT collection created by one of the artists in Arcane, a League of Legends-based Netflix show. The project is an art and lore-oriented project and a lifestyle brand with metaverse-ready elements and merchandising.

There are three factions which the story of the NFT project is based on Ordos, Altari and Freo.

Minting for the project starts on September 8th an you can choose to mint 1, 2, or 3 NFTs. Starting price for minting is 0.15 ETH.

Find more on WeAbove at Opensea.

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